We cherish those goods that spice our everyday lives!

Spice up your everyday lives too, following the traditional quality and motivated by the enjoyment of every flavor by tasting the GNISION goods such as: olives, olive oil, honey, jam, dried fruit, coffee, tea, oregano, ouzo, raki, wine, fruit compost and natural salt.
Whatever you crave for your table, GNISION goods will take you to the pleasure of the most beloved, traditional, pure Greek flavors.


Our History

One GNISION household name – a thousand images from GREECE

GNISION has succeeded creating Greek products which in every bite and every sip, reminiscent of tradition. Through the flavors of its products, all the memories, smells and images of Greece unfold out of an era bygone but not forgotten, where simplicity and purity was the basis of everything.
Simple ingredients, clear flavors and traditional recipes, blended together to form the traditional Greek GNISION goods in unparalleled manner and simultaneously, completely in harmony with the quality requirements of our days.



Bertinchamps Brewery

B stands proudly in the centre of our logo in reference to where your imagination takes you, Bertichamps, Beer, Belgium, Benoit…

Gota Water

Gota is the premium mineral water brand from Argentina


Our goal

We want to create healthy & delicious products – without
preservatives – made ​​with the simple ingredients that every traditional home could have had.
Our vision

We want, through GNISION, all the Greek flavors, aromas and imagery to travel around the world.
Quality Standards
• Pure products from the Greek farmland
• Carefully selected raw materials
• Free of preservatives and chemical additives
• Food & consumer approved special materials
• Homemade recipes from the Greek tradition
• Attentive packages for people who appreciate smart, refined and quality presentation.
• Flavor that is unlike anything experienced before, in other, similar products.


GNISION is our own, traditional business.
The people, growing into the Greek nature and among the secrets of Greek agriculture, succeeded in transferring their expertise and love to each product. With their rigorous supervision and personal care and taste, they insist with tenacity in their professional purpose.
GNISION goods are just like homemade • from selected varieties, made with the simplicity and purity taught by the Greek tradition.

So, where quality meets the imagery, there lie our products genuinely, in exquisite flavors and aromas and each one holds a unique story about its creation. Based on their traditional recipe, combined with new, pure, fresh & exquisite materials that speak to our times, the GNISION goods are simply unique!



T : +30 211 4000 111
F : +30 22210 63064

Find us : Agios Nikolaos,  Evia, Greece

Support office : Ornos, 84600 Mykonos

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